I recently took a camping trip up to the Okanagan (more on that, and the piece from BC Living soon), and Ford Canada was nice enough to let me try out this 2017 Escape Titanium.

Believe me when I say I PACKED this car from front to back and it held everything. I planned to cook a lot and had 2 coolers with me, all my camping gear, firewood, and I also shot a wedding at the end of the week, so I needed both camping clothes and nice clothes for being in front of other humans.

I really thought that the Okanagan would be warmer when I was up there, like last year, but it’s been a chilly and wet spring. I was super thankful for the heated seats and steering wheel on the cold mornings, and enjoyed looking through the giant sunroof when I was hiding from the rain in the car.

I also took down the campsite 5 different times, and I figured out that the back hatch had a hands free feature, which saved me so much trouble.

This was a hard one to hand the keys back for, but someone had to clean off all those bugs from the drive! Thanks again Ford!