In January I did a gift exchange with some wonderful friends at Barre Fitness...
I couldn't think of something I wanted to *purchase* to share and decided that a fun shoot with one of them would (selfishly) make ME happy too.

Nevada nabbed it in the end, and last week we did a quick, fun little shoot in our neighbourhood with some pretty dresses.
I always love when I get to look at gorgeous faces while I edit!

Back in December I was asked to come to shoot some photos on set for the Hallmark movie Darrow & Darrow: In The Key Of Murder.

They had a photographer acting already, but I was to take some photos when the cameras weren't rolling. They inserted them into the scenes and physically held them (we ran to the props van and printed them so quickly!), and then viewed some on a computer in another scene as well.

Well the movie is out, Tom Cavanagh is holding my photography, and I'm pretty excited. There are some screenshots from the movie in the gallery above, as well as one of the originals. (Oh, and it was at Warehouse Studios aka Bryan Adams' studio which was pretty cool too.)