The Zolas


So I fell behind with blogging my adventures in music for the last few weeks - though you can always see those on Vancouver Is Awesome every Tuesday.

Here are a few of my favourite shots:
1) Kenton Loewen aka The Crackling just released a wonderful album - you should check it out.
2) Zach of The Zolas from their show at The Vogue
3) Rich Aucoin killed it at the Commodore…I love watching him perform. (note to self - jumping in heels is a bad idea)
4) Gorgeous Hannah Georgas FINALLY played a headlining show (almost 3 years) in Vancouver and nailed it. Don’t tell her, but I cried…twice.
5) I shot a Green Couch Session with the Local Natives…I didn’t know how huge they were until I instagram’d a photo and everyone freaked out. They were delightful human beings, and the session is going to be AWESOME.
6) You need to listen to Willhorse. I INSIST. Also, they’re going on a huge tour, so you should see them when they’re in your area. (I INSIST again).

There you go, you’re caught up for the most part.