Last week I got to do a shoot for Barre Fitness that incorporated: an outfit from Lululemon, boxing with All City Athletics, promoting Barre’s  Workout To Conquer Cancer team, and that major babe pictured above, Janelle Ordiales Astles.

Janelle just started teaching at Barre and I already love her so much. Check out her lifestyle blog, and follow her on instagram.

There are more photos and outfit details in the blog post over on the Barre website…I just wanted to put a few more up that didn’t get put in, because Janelle is a rock star.


Usually when I’m shooting for Barre Fitness, it is photos of food, so it was nice to hang out with some of these beautiful human beings and take their photo for the company instead!

I have hundreds and hundreds of shots that will make you sit up taller and flex your abs just looking at them.

Motivation Monday amiright?