vancouver portrait photographer


In January I did a gift exchange with some wonderful friends at Barre Fitness...
I couldn't think of something I wanted to *purchase* to share and decided that a fun shoot with one of them would (selfishly) make ME happy too.

Nevada nabbed it in the end, and last week we did a quick, fun little shoot in our neighbourhood with some pretty dresses.
I always love when I get to look at gorgeous faces while I edit!


Speaking of Hallmark Movies (see previous post), I finally got a screenshot of a photo that I took for the movie Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream.

I got the chance to go on set (they were shooting in Squamish) and snap a few shots of actress Crystal Lowe, playing Rita Haywith, in her element in the dead letter office.

The premise was that another character took the photo and submitted it (and a story she wrote) to a magazine. Always funny to see how it gets manipulated/photoshopped for a scene, which you can see above!

I have a few great outtakes that I particularly liked but didn’t make the cut (she was great in front of the camera), that I might post another time.


Usually when I’m shooting for Barre Fitness, it is photos of food, so it was nice to hang out with some of these beautiful human beings and take their photo for the company instead!

I have hundreds and hundreds of shots that will make you sit up taller and flex your abs just looking at them.

Motivation Monday amiright?