I haven’t been to Rock Lake in Algonquin Park (in Ontario) for MANY years now, so when my parents asked if I wanted to come along for a week around Labour Day, I saw my schedule was clear and jumped at the chance.

It was nice to relax (no cell service) and have a bit more summer, as it was raining and chilly in Vancouver when I left.

We were treated to spectacular sunsets almost every night, I went kayaking, hiking, boating around the lake, fishing, and got to hang with Dexter.

I took that photo of him on the same dog beach I did when he was a puppy exactly 6 years ago. I need to dig that one up and put them side by side. He’s still adorable.


Sometimes I get crazy, but awesome, photo gigs.

I spent a morning in January photographing the grounds of Richmond Steel Recycling. There is a lot involved in recycling things like cars, scrap metal, even refrigerators. Interesting subject matter for SURE.

I felt a little Burtynsky-esque shooting some of the stuff.


While in Tofino, through a streak of good fortune, I was asked if I’d like to go up/out for a run with Tofino Air!

Um, yes please!

It had been foggy every morning since I had been there but (I’m assuming thanks to the good fortune I was having) it was gorgeous and sunny, and I got to see some stunning landscapes.

There are a few more shots on the blog post on Vancouver Is Awesome.