To step away from some of the band portraits, on the Saturday of the festival in Rennes, I once again went to the second largest market in France - Marche des Lices.

You can get oysters shucked for you on site, there are meats, and cheeses, and wine…so much you don’t know where to look.

Here are a few shots from the afternoon (and one from the view from my hotel of the cinema across the way).


On the May long weekend, I escaped the city briefly an headed up to Gun Lake with a few friends.

It was still a bit chilly, but the first night there was a full moon that lit up the lake and mountains, and during the day the glacial water was super clear (and cold, I decided to jump in at the last minute while the sun was out).

BC, you sure are pretty.


I haven’t been to Rock Lake in Algonquin Park (in Ontario) for MANY years now, so when my parents asked if I wanted to come along for a week around Labour Day, I saw my schedule was clear and jumped at the chance.

It was nice to relax (no cell service) and have a bit more summer, as it was raining and chilly in Vancouver when I left.

We were treated to spectacular sunsets almost every night, I went kayaking, hiking, boating around the lake, fishing, and got to hang with Dexter.

I took that photo of him on the same dog beach I did when he was a puppy exactly 6 years ago. I need to dig that one up and put them side by side. He’s still adorable.


While in Tofino, through a streak of good fortune, I was asked if I’d like to go up/out for a run with Tofino Air!

Um, yes please!

It had been foggy every morning since I had been there but (I’m assuming thanks to the good fortune I was having) it was gorgeous and sunny, and I got to see some stunning landscapes.

There are a few more shots on the blog post on Vancouver Is Awesome.


I went to the Comox Valley for a preview of their Dine Around event last week.

The CV is on Vancouver Island, on the North-East side a few hours outside of Nanaimo - Ford gave me a car to drive there and back, and I had a blast.

After the ferry ride, I drove to and stopped at the Little Qualicum Cheeseworks (a farm where you could just walk around and see the animals…so cute. Also, cheese!), ate and drank some amazing food in Courtenay & Comox, BC, stayed a nice little B&B, saw the sunrise, and had a great drive along the coast.

Thanks to everyone that helped make the trip possible! The Dine Around event runs from February 20th to the 17th of March. You can check out more photos on my post at Vancouver Is Awesome!