Only I could find a pop-up craft beer & small plate pairing event 2 blocks from my AirB&B in Paris…these things must just call to me.

Les Dîners Bon was supposed to just run until the 6th of December (which coincidentally was my first night in Paris) at Cave du Miroir in Montmartre, but they ended up getting extended until the 31st. So after my sightseeing was out of the way each day I came back around to try more French beer paired with some amazing dishes. Or it might have had something to do with these guys.

From what I learned, while France has some of the oldest breweries in the world, the craft beer revolution we know so well and take for granted in Vancouver/Canada/USA, isn’t as prevalent. Pairing beer and food just isn’t a thing there…for now [if the team behind Les Dîner Bons has their way].

I tried SO many different beers while hanging out there, both from France and the rest of Europe. I think my favourite one, or at least the most unique, was from Brasserie La Baleine - a sour beer that had squid ink in it! C'est bon!


There’s no way I can sum up Paris with one post and three photos but I took hundreds and I have to post something, right?

I had a VERY short time in Paris, about 48 hours before I went to London, and after that, only 24 hours before my flight back to Canada but I jammed in as much as I could.

I saw most of the main sights on my first full day, walking as far as my bum knee would take me (I was hit by a car in October, but that’s another story).
The city is beautiful and the weather was great for walking, despite the fact that it was December!

Traveling in winter is odd because you only have so much daylight available to you. Word to the wise, ending your day as the sun sets in a GIANT cemetery (Père Lachaise) is slightly eerie, especially when you get turned around.

I think my favourite spot was the Pont Alexandre III (the bridge above). It was gorgeous and had so many intricate things to photograph on it; not to mention the beautiful gold statues standing out in the winter sun.

I will do another post about my favourite accidental discover in Paris, and maybe one on the pastry situation as well. Come back soon!