tap room


I had to do a whole separate post about one of my favourite evenings in London - checking out the 40 FT Brewery in Dalston.

Making friends at the Trans Musicales Festival with other music journalists paid off and one offered to bring me to a brewery that operated out of shipping containers - this I had to see.

The entire area surrounding the brewery was phenomenal! On the weekends they had food vendors set up, a dj, and even a fashion show was going on when we wandered up.

The amazing staff from the brewery gave me a behind the scenes tour, as well as some delicious beer (one can made it all the way back to Vancouver for my friends to sample!). It was a very unique idea and everyone was incredibly friendly. Honestly if I lived in London, I’d be there every weekend, between the beer and the food and the people!

Highly recommended if you’re visiting!