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I had to do a whole separate post about one of my favourite evenings in London - checking out the 40 FT Brewery in Dalston.

Making friends at the Trans Musicales Festival with other music journalists paid off and one offered to bring me to a brewery that operated out of shipping containers - this I had to see.

The entire area surrounding the brewery was phenomenal! On the weekends they had food vendors set up, a dj, and even a fashion show was going on when we wandered up.

The amazing staff from the brewery gave me a behind the scenes tour, as well as some delicious beer (one can made it all the way back to Vancouver for my friends to sample!). It was a very unique idea and everyone was incredibly friendly. Honestly if I lived in London, I’d be there every weekend, between the beer and the food and the people!

Highly recommended if you’re visiting!


First post of my #CmacSeesLondonCmacSeesFrance tour is from Rennes. Aside from the Trans Musicales festival, I got to do a little bit of wandering around this beautiful city, and the festival was gracious enough to put together a walking tour in English.

Things I learned:
- A LOT of Rennes burned down in a fire, and it was due, ironically, to a drunken carpenter
- Their market on the Saturday is amazing. You can buy practically anything, including oysters that they’ll shuck for you on the spot.
- You can eat and drink said oysters in public and it’s the greatest.
- There is a place called “Poutine Bros” that is decked out in Canadian stuff, and has menu items named after Rob Ford and Carey Price to name a few.


Last week I got the chance to spend the day travelling around the Fraser Valley with a few other bloggers, navigating our way around some of the breweries and wineries in the area.

The day started out in Langley, with the first stop being Tracycakes Bakery for breakfast. I ordered the “Baby Dutch Pancake” which they make from scratch on the spot. I had trouble waiting for it to cool down so I could eat it because it looked, smelled, and tasted so great.

From there we started our beer and wine tour over at Dead Frog Brewing (in Aldergrove). I’ve had many of Dead Frog’s beers in the past, and it was nice to see where they came from, and try a few new ones. In fact, I might have to go crack open one of the bottles I got to bring home while I write this post.

Next we were off to Milner Valley Cheese to see how they make the goat’s milk cheeses, pet some of the goats, and make some delicious purchases. The aged goat milk cheese was my favourite. (We paired it later with the wines at Singletree.)

Luckily we had burned off breakfast, because our next stop was lunch at Bacchus Bistro at Chaberton Estate Winery. We had some amazing food, paired with their wines, got a tour of the vineyard, and sampled some more vino in the wine bar.

Heading over to Abbotsford we found Mt. Lehman Winery, and tried the same wine from 4 different types of barrels (so different), and the two bloggers I were with got a super quick zip around the vineyard on a Gator.
Just down the road we pulled into Singletree Winery, which was fairly new but had a good selection of wines on hand, and the grapes were almost ready to come off the vines.

Finally we headed over to Ravens Brewing, which was also very new, and sampled some of the great beers on tap. I definitely filled my growler up with the Raspberry Hefeweizen, which they made with hundreds of pounds of raspberries grown in the same area.

So delighted to be part of this trip. I’m going to make a whole separate post about our final stop, Cultivate, a long table dinner at a corn maze in Chilliwack!


In a jam-packed 48hrs in Kamloops, British Columbia, I did a LOT of fun things. I have a mega-post over on Vancouver Is Awesome where you can check out what I ate, where I stayed, and what I did. 

I had to include the photo of me and the miniature horse because just LOOK at how cute he is dressed up for Halloween in that visor.

Also, there are a ton of photos on my Instagram account too that you should check out.


My last “Get Your Surf On” post on Vancouver Is Awesome actually involved me surfing. (The middle shot is from my friends at Tourism Tofino, I’m on the left, at the front carrying the board).

The post also has shots of some of the delicious food I ate. You should go check it out. And go surfing in Tofino, because that’s also fun.