While in Tofino, through a streak of good fortune, I was asked if I’d like to go up/out for a run with Tofino Air!

Um, yes please!

It had been foggy every morning since I had been there but (I’m assuming thanks to the good fortune I was having) it was gorgeous and sunny, and I got to see some stunning landscapes.

There are a few more shots on the blog post on Vancouver Is Awesome.


JUST got back from another fun trip to Tofino and Ucluelet.

One of my stops was for dinner at the Wolf In The Fog, which was still under construction last time. I had an incredible meal, and some tasty drinks - more photos from which you can see on the blog post on - click here.

I’ll post a few more images from the trip in the next few days.


It was pointed out that I haven’t blogged in a while…(thanks Mom)…so while I write up some blog posts about food in Tofino, and edit photos of wine in Osoyoos, here are a few teaser photos.

I was in Tofino for the Victoria Day long weekend covering the FEAST festival, and one of the fun dinners I got to have was on a boat, floating in an inlet.

Above are some shots of the Wolf In The Fog crew setting the meal up, as well as the epic sunset we caught on our way home.

More soon. 


My last “Get Your Surf On” post on Vancouver Is Awesome actually involved me surfing. (The middle shot is from my friends at Tourism Tofino, I’m on the left, at the front carrying the board).

The post also has shots of some of the delicious food I ate. You should go check it out. And go surfing in Tofino, because that’s also fun.


Just posted again on VIA about Tofino…this regarding the Queen Of The Peak all-female surfing competition!

I really wish I had an insane lens like John Lehmann of the Globe and Mail did, but I made do by taking photos of the action on the shore. Including a lot of dogs being adorable.

There was even a 16-and-under comp called the Princess Of The Peak, which made me worry about failing miserable at surfing the next day (…pretty much what happened).

If I haven’t said it already, or you haven’t figured it out yet…I love Tofino.


My second Tofino post over on Vancouver Is Awesome was about my accommodations: Chesterman Beach Bed & Breakfast.

I took SO many photos, both of my gorgeous suite and of the beach I stayed on. The weather changes so dramatically in Tofino, but no matter what it’s like, it’s BEAUTIFUL.

There are some more shots on my Instagram feed that you can check out, and some in the article posted on VIA (linked above).

Can I go back now?


Okay, how cute is that little cabin?!

I stayed at the Ocean Village Resort while in Tofino, and they might have had to drag me out of there if I stayed any longer. It’s awesome, has a beautiful view of McKenzie Beach, and there is a hot tub…which I used excessively because I froze my butt of on the whale watching boat, and shooting surfing pictures.

Here are some more shots of the place over on Vancouver Is Awesome.


So I got to FLY to Tofino (which was amazing) for this trip on Orca Airways…tiny little plane with awesome views of the islands.

The windows were tinted blue, and thus every photo out the window looked blue, but it gave it a very BBC-Blue-Planet-esque feel to it.

Here is the rest of the post on Vancouver Is Awesome…my favourite is the rental car, which I named Liam Nissan.